Keeping You and Those Who Matter to You Healthy

Your Primary Care Team at Vanguard can treat most health problems. For those occasions when you need a specialist, we use our inside knowledge of the health care system to direct you the right specialty care.

At Vanguard we provide comprehensive advanced primary care. This includes not only preventive care such as physicals, Women’s Health and Gyn exams, contraception management, immunizations, and cancer and other recommended screenings. We can also evaluate and treat common problems such as infections, rashes, sprains, strains, aches and pains. We are skilled in the treatment of chronic conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, depression and anxiety. And if you need stitches, a skin lesion biopsy, treatment of warts or other minor surgical procedures Vanguard should be your first stop.


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Medical acupuncture promotes your body’s natural healing process. Get relief from a number of conditions and illnesses with this ancient practice.

After-Hours & Urgent Care

Illnesses and injuries happen. Our physicians can help you through any urgent situation.

Behavioral Health

Providing high-quality treatment for emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

Cosmetic Treatments

Enhance your features with fillers and injectables for a more youthful appearance.


Too stuffy to focus on a deadline but can’t leave the office? Suddenly feeling sick right before vacation? Family hunkered down with the flu? We understand that visiting our offices doesn’t always work with your schedule. With eCare, we bring our primary care providers to you with a virtual healthcare visit you can easily access […]

Family Medicine

Delivering acute, chronic and preventive medical care services for the whole family.

Genetics/Genomic Medicine

Predict and screen for common disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer in addition to rare genetics conditions.

Geriatrics and Senior Care

Primary care doctors that provide comprehensive services and care, enhancing quality of life.

Hospital Care

In the event that you are hospitalized, your Vanguard primary care provider will coordinate your care with the doctors at the hospital.

Integrative Medicine

Use conventional and alternative methods to promote the body’s healing process.

Internal Medicine

Vanguard Medical Group internists have comprehensive knowledge that can help you with simple or complex health concerns.

Nutrition Services

When dietary choices affect our health, Vanguard Medical Group's Nutrition Service provides comprehensive nutrition counseling for people with diabetes, those struggling with weight loss, and patients with hypertension, high cholesterol and other medical issues.

Pediatric Health & Adolescent Medicine

Our doctors are trained to care for the entire family, including newborns, children and adolescents.

Primary Care at Home

It's not always easy to get to the doctor's office. If you are homebound, Vanguard has a solution for you.

Primary Care Doctors
& General Practitioners

For healthcare, it is important to have a trusted primary care doctor. At Vanguard Medical Group in NJ, we are here to take care of you and your family.

Specialist Care

Find the right specialist with confidence. The next time that you need a specialist, ask us. As a Vanguard patient, we know you—and we know the high-quality specialists. That’s why Vanguard is uniquely qualified to match you with the right one. We will help you: Identify specialists where patients have the best experiences Evaluate the specialists […]

Sports Medicine

Stay active at every age and stage Whether your goal is to stay active and healthy, reduce chronic pain, or get back into the game as an amateur, competitive athlete or weekend warrior, we can help. Our sports medicine physician, Sultan M. Babar, MD, diagnoses and provides nonsurgical treatment options for injuries, degenerative bone diseases, […]

The Right Medical Treatment Starts with the Right Conversation

Not Feeling Your Best? Need a Test? Talk to Us. We want to help. One size doesn’t fit all. That’s especially true in healthcare. The right medical treatment for you could be completely different from the correct medical treatment for someone else.   That’s why it’s important to choose a healthcare partner who thoroughly and […]

Travel Medicine

Vanguard Medical Group physicians are trained in travel vaccinations, travel health and travel safety.

Women’s Health

From regular gynecological exams to preparation for pregnancy, menopause, and more. Vanguard Medical Group has specialized staff who are experts in women's health.