The Right Medical Treatment Starts with the Right Conversation

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Not Feeling Your Best? Need a Test?
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One size doesn’t fit all. That’s especially true in healthcare. The right medical treatment for you could be completely different from the correct medical treatment for someone else.  

That’s why it’s important to choose a healthcare partner who thoroughly and thoughtfully considers your specific needs and assists you in working through potential testing and treatment options.

Talk to us. We’ll help you figure out if:

  • That x-ray, MRI, scan or EKG is needed
  • Antibiotics will help you or not
  • A specialist is needed
  • A preventative screening is recommended
  • You really need to spend that time and money

Ask us about your options.  We’ll explore the pros and cons together.

The Right Treatment Starts with the Right Conversation

We anticipate that you will research and talk to family and friends about your symptoms. You may even come to us with an idea of what might help your condition. That’s when we start the conversation.

You can count on us to help sort through the information and misinformation, and help you find the approach that works. Together, we will review the treatment, medication or test options that can help you, as well as any harmful side effects.

We’ll answer your questions and concerns to help keep you feeling your best.

Start the Conversation: Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What are my symptoms?
  • Does the disease run in my family?  
  • Am I considered high risk?
  • Do the risks of the test outweigh its benefits?
  • What will I do if the test is abnormal?
  • Do I need to contact my insurance company?
  • What are my health/treatment goals?

Why are these questions so important?

If the test or treatment is not right for you, it may not help at all. It may even come with risks. Plus, some tests can have unclear results, leading to more invasive tests or procedures. Discuss the answers with your provider so that together, you can make the best choices about your care.

Partner with us on your healthcare choices.

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