Our Commitment to Quality & Safety

Vanguard is committed to providing evidence-based healthcare that achieves the quality outcomes that improve the health of our patients and the populations we manage.  We also strive to keep healthcare safe for every patient.

Vanguard supports this commitment through both our investments in the information technology necessary to drive quality initiatives, and the people and training to support our quality improvement processes.

Year after year we’ve demonstrated the effectiveness of these strategies in our results in programs such as the Horizon Patient Centered Medical Home Program and the CMS Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).

Our Overarching Goals

  • Excellence in patient-centered care
  • Growth – both intrinsic and through partnering/merger with other practices
  • Preserving independent private practice

Our Core Values

How we relate to each other:

  • We are willing to sacrifice autonomy in order to build something better.
  • We respect diverse opinions.

How we relate to coworkers:

  • We value and seek everyone’s input.
  • We create a system to maximize capabilities and contributions.

How we relate to our patients:

  • We create a system that is designed primarily around the needs of our patients.
  • Care is highly personalized, with technology as a tool to support continuity and comprehensive care.

How we relate to other stakeholders:

  • We create strong, effective processes to improve access, lower cost and achieve superior outcomes.
  • We measure our performance as a yardstick and tool for improvement.

Our Aim

  • To Provide Our Patients With an Excellent Experience
  • To Help Our Patients Obtain the Best Possible Outcomes
  • To Provide Self Management Tools
  • To Provide Evidence-Based Care
  • To Assist in Making Healthcare Affordable
  • To Ensure That Primary Care Is Viable in New Jersey