Specialist Care

Need a specialist? Call us first.

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Find the right specialist with confidence.

The next time that you need a specialist, ask us. As a Vanguard patient, we know you—and we know the high-quality specialists. That’s why Vanguard is uniquely qualified to match you with the right one.

We will help you:

  • Identify specialists where patients have the best experiences
  • Evaluate the specialists in terms of your specific need
  • Recommend providers close to your home or work
  • Get an appointment
  • Save you time and money
  • Follow your progress to ensure you receive the best care

Talk to your provider—or contact Vicki,
Vanguard’s Specialist Navigator.

Vicki’s job is to assist you in finding a specialist when you’re not already working with your provider to do so. Here’s how she can help you:

  • Call 855-REFER-ME (855-733-3763)
  • Ask for Vicki
  • Explain your health concerns

Vicki will:

  • Review your medical records
  • Consult with your Vanguard provider, if necessary
  • Access Vanguard’s database of specialists
  • Provide a list of the right specialists who take your insurance
  • Get a referral for you, if needed
  • Help you make an appointment
  • Send any relevant medical information to the specialist
  • Track your results, delivery of care and experience

Staying healthy is easy with the right team. Contact us today, and choose your specialist with confidence.

Vicki, Vanguard’s Specialist Navigator

Visit our team page for a full list of providers.