Women’s Healthcare Services in New Jersey

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Women’s healthcare encompasses more than just gynecology. At Vanguard Medical Group, we believe it requires a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that can address the unique needs and challenges women face in every stage in life. Across all of our locations in New Jersey, our women’s health specialists are dedicated to providing thorough care women need to achieve the best quality of life.

A Woman-Centered Approach

At Vanguard Medical Group, our doctors understand that women face unique challenges when it comes to balancing their personal health with that of their family. On top of that, women juggle careers, hobbies, social lives, and other responsibilities. With so much to grab your attention, prioritizing your health as a woman can prove to be a challenge.

Our goal is to make it easier to prioritize your health in this hectic world. Vanguard Medical Group provides thorough, integrated care for all kinds of women’s health problems so you can stay healthy while keeping up with your family, career, and lifestyle.

Women’s Health Services

Vanguard Medical Group offers a range of services to our female patients, which aim to ensure good health and quality of life. Our women’s health services include:

  • Gynecology exams: We offer routine exams and pap smears to monitor your reproductive health, as well as detect and diagnose STDs and other conditions before they become severe.
  • Contraception: If sexually active women would like to avoid pregnancy, we can prescribe contraception advice and the appropriate medications for their individual needs.
  • Pre-conception counseling: For aspiring mothers, we offer pre-conception counseling to prepare our patients for conception and pregnancy, as well as ensure proper prenatal care.
  • Postpartum depression treatment: For new mothers struggling with postpartum depression, we offer counseling services and hormone-balancing medications.
  • Menopausal care: We provide guidance and care for women going through menopause, as well as monitor and treat any complications they may experience.
  • Fatigue and migraines: Women are more vulnerable to chronic fatigue and migraines than men. Our treatments can help manage headaches, fatigue, and stress.
  • Osteoporosis screening and treatment: Osteoporosis affects more women than men. We can screen for the condition and treat it with medication and lifestyle counseling.

All of these services are offered in addition to our routine women’s wellness checkups. For urgent or sick care, Vanguard Medical Group also offers same-day visits so you can receive care quickly and conveniently.

The Importance of Women’s Health

Though most health problems affect both women and men, their symptoms often vary. Some issues are more severe or common in women than in men, or they simply present differently. For instance, heart disease in women often causes unusual fatigue or stomach pain rather than heart pain. Other conditions, including osteoporosis, depression, and migraines, occur more frequently in women.

Because of this difference, it’s important to approach certain health issues through a gender-specific lens. Our team of experienced women’s health specialists offers a unique insight that informs the healthcare we provide, which allows us to diagnose women’s health problems more accurately and provide effective treatments.

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If you are a woman with healthcare needs, trust Vanguard Medical Group to help. Experience our comprehensive approach to women’s care by scheduling an appointment today. For more information about our women’s health specialists, services, or patient portal, contact our friendly team directly.