Comprehensive Concussion Management in New Jersey

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We’re all involved with activities that put us at risk for concussions. Whether it’s through sports, work, or any other engagement, it’s important to get the proper care if you ever do experience a concussion. If it is not an emergency situation, Vanguard Medical Group is here to help you get the treatment you need with 24/7 access to our Patient Portal. Learn more about our comprehensive concussion management services, including treating sports-related concussions, in the New Jersey area at Vanguard Medical Group.

What Is a Concussion?

Concussions are a form of mild traumatic brain injuries caused by blunt force to the head or upper body, as well as sudden, jolting motions. When these rough movements occur, your brain will shake and bounce, making contact with your skull. This will result in trauma to your brain, setting off a variety of symptoms that could indicate that you have a concussion. Concussions can affect multiple systems in the body including vision, balance, mood, sleep, concentration and memory. They can alter how your brain functions, so getting the appropriate treatment can decrease your chances of experiencing long-term symptoms.

Danger signs

In some cases, a concussion requires immediate, emergency treatment.  Look for these “red flag” symptoms:

  • Neck pain or tenderness
  • Double vision
  • Weakness or tingling/burning in arms or legs
  • Severe or increasing headache
  • Seizure or convulsion
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Deteriorating conscious states
  • Vomiting
  • Increasingly restless, agitate or combative

In these cases, head to the emergency room immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnosing a Concussion

At Vanguard Medical Group, Dr. Justin Yucht, DO, CAQSM has years of experience diagnosing and treating athletes with concussions at all levels. He uses the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT5), a standardized tool for healthcare professionals in evaluating suspected concussions.

Concussion symptoms vary but may include the following:

  • Headache
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Cognitive problems
  • Emotional issues
  • Vision problems
  • Neck pain
  • Balance and coordination issues

Treatment and Management

Dr. Yucht creates a personalized, balanced treatment plan to help patients recover safely. The goal is to get patients back into the game or other activity as soon as it is safe to do so.

Learn More about Our Collaborative Concussion Care

Vanguard Medical Group is here to address your concussion-related concerns whenever you need us.  We want to make sure you are confident in your treatment plan when you leave our facility. If you’re unsure how to go about what to do after your concussion, we also offer sports medicine services so you can get the support you need. Choose from several office locations throughout NJ for your convenience. Contact Vanguard Medical Group to request an appointment today.