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Our family medicine services are part of the advanced, comprehensive primary care offered by the board-certified physicians at Vanguard Medical Group. Treating patients of all ages, we’re standing by to address your symptoms when sudden illness strikes, provide ongoing care for chronic conditions, coordinate with specialists if needed, and help you maintain your overall health and wellbeing. Learn more about our family medicine services in New Jersey, with primary care locations in Cranford, Glen Ridge, Jersey City, Lincoln Park, North Haledon, Randolph, and Verona.

What Is Family Medicine?

This area of medicine is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare on a personalized basis to patients from birth through their later years. Family medicine doctors are often referred to as primary care physicians and are the first ones patients call for wellness check-ups or when symptoms arise. At Vanguard Medical Group, our highly qualified family medicine doctors are committed to developing strong relationships with each patient, getting to know their lifestyle, family history, fitness levels, and any health concerns they may have, including complex medical cases and mental and behavioral issues.

Our Family Medicine Services

At Vanguard Medical Group, our family medicine services encompass much more than routine checkups and physicals. Our board-certified physicians diagnose and treat most medical conditions, referring patients to and coordinating care with subspecialists and specialists when required. Providing advanced primary care for infants, children, adolescents, and all other age groups, our family medicine services include:

  • Health-risk assessments
  • Minor wound and laceration care
  • Preventative care and immunizations
  • Personalized counseling for a healthy lifestyle
  • Treatment of minor injuries, including sprains and strains
  • Screenings for breast cancer, colon cancer, and other diseases
  • PAP tests, contraception management, and other women’s health services
  • Minor surgical procedures (i.e. removal/biopsy of abnormal skin lesions or wart treatment)
  • Chronic disease management for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, etc.
  • And more…

Meet Our Family Medicine Team

To become a family medicine doctor, physicians must complete medical school and a three-year comprehensive residency training program, as well as pass their board certification exams. They must also maintain their board certification by completing a required 50 hours of continuing education credits per year and passing reexaminations every seven to 10 years. The team of family medicine physicians at Vanguard Medical Group meets and exceeds these expectations and includes the following practitioners:

  • Krystal A. Green, M.D.
  • Margaret A. Kelly, PA-C
  • Colleen Little, DO
  • Gabriela N. Crupi, MSPAS, PA-C
  • Josephine A. Smith, DNP, FNP-C
  • Jessica Wolkun, PA-C
  • Palwasha Fazli Daftani, MD
  • Simone A. Dougé, MD
  • Kristina Conklin, PA-C
  • Kelly Van Wyck, DNP

Schedule an Appointment with Our Family Medicine Doctors

With two locations in Verona (Bloomfield Ave and Grove Ave), as well as offices in Cranford, Glen Ridge, Jersey City, Lincoln Park, North Haledon, and Randolph, Vanguard Medical Group is proud to be one of New Jersey’s most convenient and respected family medicine providers. Request an appointment now by contacting our team, and find more information about our Patient Portal.