Primary Care at Home

From serious injury to geriatric care, receive high-quality home care

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We make house calls and help you remain in your home.

It’s not always easy to get to the doctor’s office. That’s why the Primary Care at Home team will come to you.

Our Primary Care at Home program, which includes geriatric specialists and experienced geriatric nurse practitioners, proves that home medical visits are not a thing of the past. Beyond state-of-the-art healthcare for geriatric patients and those who are home-bound or chronically ill, we help with safety and financial concerns, wellness, paperwork and referrals. For the Primary Care at Home team, it’s about ensuring that our patients receive care on their own terms, helping to keep rising healthcare costs in check and smoothing out the journey through life and the healthcare system.

Increasing your independence

We understand that your independence is critical, and we also understand that caregivers sometimes need help. We’re there for you – to listen, assess, share, talk and provide advice not just for the patient but also for caregivers and the entire family.

Primary Care at Home services

  • Comprehensive physical and behavioral assessments focused on geriatric and home-bound patients
  • Educating, empowering, listening and helping in all ways that matter
  • Followup care to ease the transition from hospitals and rehab centers
  • Screening and treatment for dementia, anxiety, depression and other issues
  • Help for caregivers
  • Regularly scheduled wellness visits
  • Immunizations
  • Home-based X-rays and other diagnostic tests
  • Medication monitoring
  • Referral to physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Diet, nutrition and wellness counseling
  • Advice on medical equipment and supplies
  • Referrals to home-care providers including podiatrists and ophthalmologists and dentists
  • Living wills and advance directives

Conveniently located to serve you quickly

Based out of our offices in Verona, Cranford, Jersey City, and Lincoln Park we serve a wide area of New Jersey. Other offices may also make house calls as needed. 

Care at Home

For additional support, please visit our partner’s website: Care at Home New Jersey, a nonprofit organization that provides resources to support the homebound and their families and caregivers.

Primary care at home may also be called: health care at home, home healthcare, healthcare at home, primary care at home, home health care