Sports Medicine

Treatment of injury, degenerative bone disease, and chronic pain for athletes and nonathletes of all ages

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Stay active at every age and stage

Whether your goal is to stay active and healthy, reduce chronic pain, or get back into the game as an amateur, competitive athlete or weekend warrior, we can help. Our sports medicine physician, Sultan M. Babar, MD, diagnoses and provides nonsurgical treatment options for injuries, degenerative bone diseases, and chronic pain for athletes and nonathletes of all ages.

These specialized orthopedic services are an integral part of the comprehensive primary care approach at Vanguard. We believe that everybody, including children, teens, active adults, and seniors, can benefit from the same techniques and technology that our sports medicine physician uses to help elite athletes.

When waiting is not an option

Acute injuries can happen at any time. We pride ourselves on a team approach that includes a rapid response and communication with community partners — the orthopedic surgeon, coaches, athletic trainers, and therapists — to facilitate the best treatment plan for you.

Concussion assessment and management

Our comprehensive concussion management approach includes baseline and post-injury ImPACT testing in addition to other neurocognitive assessment tools and individualized return-to-play protocols. As New Jersey sports medicine leaders, we collaborate with specialists, including neuropsychologists and vestibular therapists.

Benefit from the latest techniques

Dr. Babar is highly skilled in the latest noninvasive and minimally invasive techniques, including musculoskeletal ultrasound, percutaneous tenotomy, and advanced procedures such as PRP,* stem cells,* whole blood injections,* and treatments for Achilles and patella tendinopathies.

 * Not covered by insurance.

Talk to us about how Sports Medicine can help with:

  • Acute injuries (sprains, strains, fractures, concussions)
  • Chronic pain (joint pain, back pain, overuse injuries, arthritis, and degenerative conditions)
  • Custom orthotics and braces to correct foot and ankle problems and/or support weakened joints/body parts
  • Counseling for nutrition, weight loss, and fitness

Dr. Babar is located in the Verona office, and he is accessible to all Vanguard patients and new patients.

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