Sports Medicine

Treatment of injury, joint and bone disorders, and chronic pain for athletes and nonathletes of all ages

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Justin Yucht, DO, CAQSM

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Staying active is important, but sports and training can often lead to injuries. Athletes of all ages, as well as individuals with chronic pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other conditions, can benefit from specialized care to identify the right diagnosis and treatment options. If you’ve experienced an injury, pain, or problems with muscles, tendons, and joints, Vanguard Medical Group offers advanced treatments from our specially trained physician, Dr. Justin Yucht, DO, CAQSM.

Dr. Yucht is fellowship-trained and board-certified in both Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and treats a wide range of conditions, from injuries sustained on the field or at the gym, as well as acute and chronic muscle, tendon, and joint issues. Some of these may include:

  • Acute injuries: Sprains, strains, select minor fractures, and contusions range in severity but may require quick attention to best restore function and protect surrounding bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.
  • Occupational injuries:Injuries occurring at work and jobsite hazards that range from acute injuries like slips and falls to other injuries related to repetitive use or overuse.
  • Complex musculoskeletal issues:These conditions may affect the body’s musculature, connective tissue, spinal discs, or nervous system.

Chronic pain: There are many potential causes of chronic pain, including osteoarthritis, improperly healed injuries, and repeated stress. A sports medicine expert can help relieve discomfort and improve function and mobility. While these issues may not always seem serious, it may be beneficial to visit a sports medicine specialist as soon as possible for evaluation. Untreated injuries and chronic conditions can sometimes worsen over time, diminishing quality of life.

Services and Procedures

When you visit our offices with a sports injury, Dr. Yucht will perform a comprehensive exam and determine which treatments will be most effective. He offers expertise in noninvasive and minimally invasive therapies, including:

  • Joint Injection: Administration of joint injections for knees, shoulders, and other joints for conditions such as arthritis and joint pain includes cortisone shots and viscosupplementation, a gel-like fluid injected into the knee joint for knee osteoarthritis.
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound:Using sound waves, an ultrasound captures images of muscles, connective tissue, and bone to provide diagnoses and plan treatment.
  • Percutaneous tenotomy:This procedure uses ultrasound guidance to remove degenerated tissue, a process that reduces pain and stimulates healing.
  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy:By injecting plasma rich with the patient’s own platelets to enhance the healing process of musculoskeletal problems. (Please note this treatment is not covered by insurance.)
  • Custom orthotics and braces: Personalized orthotics, shoe inserts, and braces can relieve pain, cushion joints, and correct abnormalities.
  • Fitness counseling:We facilitate a smooth transition back to sports activities through expert counseling that advises on individual needs and priorities and prevents future injuries.
  • Electrodiagnostic Testing (EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies): EMG/NCS is a test that can help diagnose some nerve and muscle related disorders.
  • Osteopathic manipulative medicine: This hands-on technique allows physicians to gently manipulate muscles and joints to ease pain and promote natural healing.

We also offer Concussion Assessment and Management to facilitate optimized safe recovery from concussive injuries. Dr. Yucht utilizes ImPACT testing and other neurocognitive assessments and partners with neuropsychologists, vestibular therapists, and other area specialists to provide the best care possible and create a personalized return-to-play protocol for each patient.

Comprehensive, Personalized Care

Dr. Yucht is committed to patient education and compassionate, personalized care. He works closely with each patient to identify their needs, explain available treatments, and determine which methods will be most appropriate. Patients are always encouraged to ask questions, so they feel confident in the treatment they receive.

Additionally, Dr. Yucht’s approach to treatment is sometimes multidisciplinary, and can include working with physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, coaches, neurologists, and other community partners, when appropriate.

These specialized musculoskeletal services are an integral part of the comprehensive primary care approach at Vanguard. We believe that everyone — including children, teens, active adults, and seniors — can benefit from the same techniques and technology that our sports medicine physician uses to help elite athletes.

Begin Your Recovery Today

Have you or someone you know recently sustained a sports injury? Schedule a sports medicine consultation with Dr. Yucht at Vanguard Medical Group in one our  Grove Avenue office in Verona. To make an appointment call 973-239-2600.