Diabetes is a common disease, but every individual requires unique care. Managing your diabetes can include numerous aspects, such as testing your blood glucose levels, taking medications like insulin, regulating your sugar intake and more. Comprehensive diabetes management should also include learning how to make healthy lifestyle choices, especially when it comes to nutrition. At Vanguard Medical Group, we can coordinate your care with other medical specialists and offer diabetes management solutions through vital nutrition and counseling services at our Verona and Montville, New Jersey office.

choosing a healthy food option for diabetes management

Diabetes Management Through Nutrition

As you age, your food needs change. When you have diabetes, your nutrition guidelines can also periodically change. Communicating with a team of credible experts can help you feel more in control and capable of responding to your changing nutritional needs. When your dietary choices can adversely affect your health, it’s important to consult with a medical nutrition specialist. Our Nutrition Services provides comprehensive nutrition counseling to help you better manage your diabetes.

Our highly trained and dedicated staff includes registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators. We can answer all your nutrition questions and work with you on an individual basis to manage all your special dietary needs and requirements. We can also help you:

  • Determine your food needs based on your desired weight, lifestyle, medication and overall health goals.
  • Learn how the food you eat affects your blood sugar and blood fat levels.
  • Create personalized meal plans, including vegetarian or vegan diet plans or incorporate ethnic or exotic foods in your diet.
  • Balance your food intake with your medications and activity level.
  • Plan for eating out or at special events.
  • Learn to make appropriate food substitutions.
  • Find good diabetes-related cookbooks and recipes.
  • Read food labels.

Diabetes Counseling

Our Nutrition Services also provides diabetes and pre-diabetes counseling, weight loss counseling and personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In our Verona and Montville offices, we offer diabetes self-management classes, which are covered by most insurance providers. These classes can help you learn to prevent or manage your diabetes, understand the diabetes process and become an expert at monitoring your blood sugar levels, properly taking your medication, making healthy eating choices and motivating yourself to stay fit and active.

Diabetes Care You Can Trust

We make your whole family’s health care our number one priority. Our goal is to provide the most effective personalized care for you and your family. Contact our Verona office or our Montville office to schedule an appointment with a nutrition services practitioner. For general primary care contact us at any one of our multiple Primary Care locations throughout northern and central New Jersey to become a new patient today!