Online diagnosis and treatment, exclusively for our patients

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Too stuffy to focus on a deadline but can’t leave the office? Suddenly feeling sick right before vacation? Family hunkered down with the flu? We understand that visiting our offices doesn’t always work with your schedule. With eCare, we bring our primary care providers to you with a virtual healthcare visit you can easily access from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Here’s how eCare works:

  • Log in from your computer or smartphone. (1 minute)
  • Answer a few questions about your symptoms. (5 minutes)
  • Get a diagnosis and treatment plan from a Vanguard Medical Group clinician. (Within 1 hour)
  • We’ll send your prescription to your pharmacy, if it is needed. (Immediately)

Convenient & Fast

7 days a week, 8am-8pm
Diagnosis and treatment within an hour.

Trusted Clinicians

Telehealth medicine from a Vanguard clinician who has access to your electronic health records.

Exclusive Access

eCare is exclusively for Vanguard Medical Group patients who have been seen by a Vanguard clinician within the past 3 years. eCare visits are $45. If we can’t safely treat you online, we’ll ask you to make an office appointment, and you won’t be charged for your online visit.

What We Treat

We treat 20 common conditions, such as cold, sinus infection and influenza (flu); common female infections; and pink eye. Click here for a full list of treatable conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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