Daniel Khan, MD

Physician Meets Patients Where They Are

“I want to make sure my patients feel heard and empowered.”

A stay in the hospital during his teen years inspired Daniel Khan to become a doctor. He was still in high school, but he knew he wanted to help others the way the physicians had helped him. He became an EMT, shadowed doctors, and went on to complete years of rigorous training. Now as a family physician, Dr. Daniel Khan is doing what he was meant to do.

“I really love being a doctor,” he said. “I love being able to use the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over 13 years of training to help my patients.”

He chose a family medicine focus because it encompassed everything in primary care. “It was what I originally envisioned when I wanted to be a doctor, treating patients of all ages,” he said. “During our clinical studies, no other rotation could even compare with family medicine.”

Dr. Khan joined Vanguard because of its patient-first focus. He chose the Jersey City location because of its diversity. “I come from a diverse background myself,” he said. “I appreciate racial diversity, multilingual diversity, sexual orientations, and other differences. I want to meet patients where they are on their health journeys and help them feel their best.”

Patients like that Dr. Khan takes the time to talk with them. “I explain things and then I listen. I want to make sure that they feel heard and empowered in their healthcare. That’s what I want as a patient myself. I want my doctor to hear my concerns and address them.”

When he’s not working, Dr. Khan enjoys playing soccer and cheering for his favorite teams, the New York Red Bulls and England’s Liverpool. He and his wife have a newborn son.

Emily Childers, PA-C

Primary Care Physician Assistant Values Patient Relationships

Primary care is the foundation of patient health and wellbeing.”

Physician Assistant Emily Childers got her first glimpse of her future career in high school. She was part of a health science program that visited different hospitals and facilities. As someone who loved helping people, a healthcare career resonated with her. Her experience with her own provider, a physician assistant, solidified the choice.

“She was empathetic and thorough,” said Emily. “I always felt heard when I saw her. She built that relationship with me. I ended up shadowing her and ultimately working for her later on as a medical assistant.”

Now as a physician assistant in primary care, Emily enjoys helping patients of all ages stay healthy. Emily’s patients say she is genuine and empathetic. They like that she takes the time to listen to them. She strives to help them fully understand their health. She focuses on preventative care, and encourages healthy habits, screenings, and proactive steps that patients can take.

“I’m looking forward to following my patients for the long-term, and I want them to know that they’re a valued partner in their health care journey,” says Emily. “I want them to feel comfortable coming to me with their concerns, big or small, so that we can address them together.”

When she’s not working, Emily enjoys baking, yoga, and taking her dog to parks. Originally from Dallas, she also likes exploring the area and discovering new favorite destinations.

Swetal Patel, PA-C

Primary Care PA Guides Patients Toward Better Health

“Primary care is the gatekeeper for healthy living.”

With a passion for science and a penchant for helping others, Physician Assistant Swetal Patel guides her patients to make the healthy choices that help them live their best lives.

It’s a lifelong pursuit inspired by her own childhood injury and a trip to the hospital. “The physician who took care of me was incredibly caring,” she says. “It made me want to pursue a career in healthcare so that I could do the same for others.” Swetal followed a science and math track, and ultimately found the physician assistant role in primary care to be a perfect fit.

Swetal brings diverse and extensive clinical experience to Vanguard, including work in a primary care practice as well as in outpatient and emergency settings. In the primary care setting, she is able to advocate for good nutrition, regular exercise, and staying ahead of potential disease through preventive screenings. “Armed with all of the information, patients can take control of their health,” she says.

Swetal values her relationships with her patients and is there for the long term. “I like to see the impact of our visits over time, such as the care plan that we follow and the lifestyle changes that the patient makes,” she says. Patients appreciate her thoroughness and like that she uses plain language when explaining medical terms. She ensures that they have the resources that they need to make healthy changes.

When she’s not working, Swetal enjoys nature photography and spending time in the great outdoors.

Krystal Green, MD

“Good communication between a provider and a patient is the key to getting the best health outcomes.”

When Krystal Green became a primary care physician, she fulfilled a long-standing dream that began when she was just three years old. At the time, she was offering comfort to her mother on the stillbirth of Krystal’s younger brother. “I told her that I wanted to be a doctor so that people don’t lose their family members ever again.”

During the summer following college, she shadowed her childhood pediatrician, a female practitioner, who was among her mentors. She continued on to medical school, where she discovered family medicine during her rotations. “I originally was going to pursue OB/GYN,” said Krystal, “but I realized that in family medicine, I could do so much more, including pediatric and adults. It was the perfect specialty for me.”

She often goes above and beyond for her patients in an effort to listen and communicate, especially in the area of preventive care. “I let them lead the conversation and then offer medical and healthy lifestyle recommendations,” said Krystal. “I lay out the options, risks, and benefits and ask, ‘What do you think about this one or that one?’ They seem to really appreciate that.”

“The job is living up to my initial childhood dream,” she said. “There are days when I feel so fulfilled. I know that I’ve really made a difference.”

When she’s not working, Krystal enjoys reading, writing, and exploring new places with her husband and family.

Sally Mravcak, MD

Dr. Sally Mravcak Focuses on Family, Lifestyle and Relationships for Wellness and Prevention

“You’re not just looking at disease, but at family and social interactions and lifestyle. We ask the pivotal questions. Who’s cooking at home? How is the stress level? How much exercise are you getting? Do you have social relationships? All of these contribute to a patient’s well-being.”

When your mother is a registered nurse, you get an early glimpse into what it’s like to help others. That’s what happened with Dr. Sally Mravcak. “Growing up, we always had people in the neighborhood coming to the house, asking for my mom’s help or advice,” she says. “That was my inspiration for going into health care.

She chose family medicine because she enjoyed every rotation during medical training, from pediatrics to women’s health to geriatrics. “I didn’t want to give any of it up,” she says. “I like being able to treat an entire family, from the children to their parents, grandparents and great grandparents.”

Dr. Mravcak began her career working in a federally qualified health center, spending eight years caring for uninsured and underinsured people in New Jersey. “I like to advocate for my patients,” she says. “Every patient deserves excellent care offered with dignity and respect.” Prior to joining Vanguard, Dr. Mravcak also practiced full time in a women’s health center, providing comprehensive primary care, office gynecology and acupuncture. In addition to family medicine, she is board-certified in integrative medicine and medical acupuncture, and believes in evidence-based, whole-person care that takes into account the role of body, mind and science in creating wellness. She offers medical acupuncture in the Jersey City office of Vanguard. These treatments may be done alone or in concert with traditional medical practices to prevent and treat medical problems and promote emotional and physical wellness.

“Vanguard is always on the cutting edge of family medicine, as our name suggests,” notes Dr. Mravcak. “We’re pushing the ball forward in medicine, and in technology, as far as it can go. We’re also very open and accepting of patients of all backgrounds. We see patients of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender identities, and they each feel comfortable here.”

When she’s not in the office in Jersey City, you might find Dr. Mravcak on a biking trail, taking in some live music or spending the day at the beach with her spouse and two daughters.