Josephine A. Smith

Family Medicine


Glen Ridge

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Family Medicine

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Verona Office

271 Grove Ave., Suite A

Verona, NJ 07044

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Tel: 973.239.2600

Fax: 973.239.0482


Nursing, College of Nursing, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ


Nursing/Family Health Nurse Practitioner Program, School of Nursing, University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, NJ


Doctor of Nursing Practice, School of Nursing, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Professional Associations:

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners


BLS, American Heart Association

Nurse Practitioner Transitions Patients from Hospital to Home

“During the home visit, I address any loose ends and review medications and services so that patients don’t end up back in the hospital.”

Josephine Smith always knew she was going to be a nurse. But she couldn’t imagine how fulfilling a career in family medicine would be until she witnessed the impact she had on her patients’ health and well-being. “Helping patients live their best lives is very inspirational,” she said.

Josephine brings a deep and broad knowledge of family medicine to the practice. Not only did she complete her nursing degree, but she took it to the highest level, a doctor of nursing practice. Now, in her role as a transitional care nurse, Josephine visits recently hospitalized patients at home to help in their recovery and to prevent readmission. Working in home care is the perfect fit for Josephine, whose friendly manner and outgoing approach make patients immediately comfortable.

The transitional care program starts with a visit to the patient in the hospital. That’s where Josephine introduces herself and explains the program. This is followed by the home visit, which involves a physical exam and time spent with the patient going over medications and follow-up instructions.

“It’s common for patients in the hospital to be bombarded with medical terms,” she said. “When they’re comfortably at home, we can take the time to fully discuss their health and their needs. My patients say that I have a way of explaining things that makes them easy to understand.” During the visit, Josephine also makes follow-up appointments for specialists, checks in with home care agencies, and advises on nutrition and exercise.

She especially enjoys that she can do all of that in a home environment. “When you go into someone’s home, you see their pictures. You see their family. It makes you remember that this is a person, not a patient.”

When she’s not working, Josephine enjoys working out at the gym and spending time with her kids. Movie night is a favorite family activity.