When was the last time you had a checkup with your family doctor? For many adults, it has been way too long. Even if you were healthy at your last checkup, you should schedule and keep your regular appointments. You shouldn’t adopt the notion that “nothing is wrong” or “I feel healthy, so I don’t need to keep up with preventive and wellness exams.”

Poor Health Can Sneak Up on You

Bad health is generally progressive. Typically, it develops so slowly that even though a condition may be present, you may be completely unaware of it. Unfortunately, a two- or three-year span between doctor’s visits could mean the difference between winning or losing a battle against an illness such as cancer.

Even if you eat right and exercise regularly, you still need to see your doctor regularly. Genetics play a big part in your health outcomes, and sometimes they overrule all of your healthy lifestyle choices. Early detection allows your doctor to help treat and manage an unexpected condition or disease as quickly as possible to mitigate risk.

How Often Americans See a Doctor

The average American visits his or her doctor four times per year.  On average, babies visit the doctor nine times per year and children between the ages of 5 and 15 visit the doctor two times per year.

A large portion of the population is uninsured, so these people typically see a doctor only in the event of serious injury or illness. They see a doctor less than half as often as people with private insurance. Some people who are uninsured avoid seeing a doctor even in the event of a serious illness or injury.

It is unfortunate that people go without seeing a doctor, because early testing and intervention can lead to better health outcomes. Vanguard Medical Group recommends an annual checkup with your family doctor. This form of prevention may reduce the chance that acute illness or a chronic condition will compromise your health and cost you a significant amount of money in health care costs. The goal is to have a long, healthy life, and a trusted relationship with your family doctor can make a big difference

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