Travel Medicine

Preparation and protection for international travel.

Whether you're a college student planning to study abroad, a businessperson traveling overseas, or a couple going on that long-awaited African safari, a trip to another country is an exciting experience. But it also can pose risks to your health.

A Personal Approach in A Comfortable Environment
At Vanguard Medical Group, we're specialists in travel. We automatically stock the proper documentation and vaccines for your international trip.

Such resources aren't always found in private practice. Most primary care physicians lack travel medicine expertise. To get the proper vaccines, patients typically go to a hospital or travel clinic. Yet a hospital or clinic can be impersonal and bureaucratic with lengthy waits.

At Vanguard, you'll be greeted warmly, evaluated thoroughly, and be 'in and out' in no time. We also work directly with your insurance company to save you time and paperwork.

Vaccinations at a Moment's Notice
No matter how complex your itinerary or medical history, we'll get you the right vaccines and paperwork to protect your health while you are traveling. If you need to travel with medication, we'll advise you on that as well. For last-minute travelers, we can schedule a same-day appointment, if needed.

Peace of Mind with Travel Clinics of America
Vanguard Medical Group is a member of Travel Clinics of America, a nationwide network of certified physicians trained in travel vaccinations, travel health and travel safety.

Vanguard Medical Group Travel Medicine Services

  • Vaccinations including malaria, yellow fever, hepatitis
  • Counseling on travel health risks, such as traveler's diarrhea, safe food and water, medical care abroad
  • 24/7 accessibility to a secure, encrypted patient portal for non-emergency questions
  • Same day appointments if needed

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