Women's Health

Primary care with a woman's focus at every stage of life.

As a woman, you have unique healthcare needs - from regular gynecological exams to preparation for pregnancy, menopause, and more. That's why we have a specialized staff at Vanguard Medical Group with an expertise in women's health.

Sometimes Disease Presents Differently in Women.
While women and men have many of the same health problems, disease sometimes shows up differently depending upon your gender. For example, heart disease in women may not cause chest pain; instead, symptoms might include unusual fatigue or sleep disturbances. In other cases, diseases might affect women more than men; examples include osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome and migraine headaches.

Our physicians are well versed in these differences and other specific healthcare concerns of women. That's also because the Women's Health staff - doctors and nurses - includes working moms who understand the stresses we all face. Our staff is trained in family medicine, with a commitment to continuing education, and a bedside manner that matches our clinical expertise.

We take you seriously.
We address each symptom, no matter how elusive the cause, with thoughtful care and state-of-the-art evaluation. Our expert staff also takes the time to educate you, and your family, on your condition and treatment. We'll "walk" you through the process so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Vanguard Medical Group Women's Health Services

  • Gynecologic exams, PAP tests, contraception, STD diagnosis and treatment
  • Pre-conception counseling, postpartum depression treatment
  • Fatigue and stress management, migraine and headache treatment
  • Osteoporosis screening and treatment
  • Same day visits for urgent or sick care
  • Routine wellness care

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