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“What is a meVisit?”

meVisit (Mobile Electronic Visit) is a private and secure online email visit between you and your private healthcare provider, which takes advantage of today’s mobile technology to improve access to medical care. It is a great alternative to traditional office visits for minor medical problems or follow-up. Simply use your computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to access medical care without a trip to our office. meVisit are available from 8am-10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

“How is meVisit different from other types of virtual healthcare?”

meVisit is an email visit with your doctor—and is different from a video visit or a phone call with an unfamiliar provider that doesn’t know you, your personal health history, or your individual needs. meVisit are limited to current patients of Vanguard Medical Group. meVisit are now available to patients at the Verona and North Haledon offices, but will be coming soon to all Vanguard patients.”What types of medical problems are appropriate for meVisit care?”

“What types of medical problems are appropriate for meVisit care?”

Minor medical problems or routine follow-up appointments may be appropriate for meVisit. If a medical issue could wait 24 hours for treatment, it might be considered a minor problem. Ask yourself, “Would I feel comfortable handling this over the phone with my doctor?”

“What types of medical problems are appropriate for meVisit care?”

Acid Reflux; Acne; Athlete’s Foot; Back Pain; Bronchitis; Cold Sores; Colds & Coughs; Dry Skin; Eczema; Early Stage Flu; Food Poisoning; Gout Flare-ups; Hemorrhoid Flare-ups; Impetigo; Jock Itch; Lice Issues; Male Sexual Health; Mild Hives; Mild Sprains & Strains; Mild UTI’s; Pink Eye; Poison Ivy; Ringworm; Rosacea Flare-ups; Seasonal Allergies; Sinus Infections; Smoking Cessation; Stomach Viruses; Stye; Swimmer’s Eat; Tendonitis; Yeast Infections; and more!

“What types of medical problems are NOT appropriate for meVisit care?”

Examples of problems not appropriate for meVisit care include:

  • Active Bleeding
  • Chest Pain or Shortness of Breath
  • Neurological Problems
  • New Problems of Uncertain Cause
  • Pain from an Unknown Cause
  • Refills of Controlled Substances
  • Substantial Fever
  • Unstable or Severe Psychiatric Problems

“How do I establish a meVisit account?”

Start by registering online. After registering, download the app to your phone and enter the “New Patient Sign-up” portal. No one other than you and your medical provider will have access to the content of your private meVisit account.

“How exactly does meVisit work?”

Request a meVisit with a medical provider with whom you have an existing relationship. If your personal provider is unavailable, select one of the other Vanguard providers who will have also have access to your medical history. When your medical provider determines that a meVisit is appropriate for online care (Please be aware that not every request is appropriate for a meVisit,) they will define your personal treatment plan, which will be sent to you electronically. There are several options as to how you can receive your care information that you can choose from, while completing the meVisit registration form.

“How much does a meVisit cost?”

Your meVisit account and a mobile app are absolutely free! The cost of a meVisit is $45 and is charged to a credit card. There is no charge for patients who are enrolled in our Direct Primary Care (DPC) program. At this time, meVisit are not covered by insurance and we do not submit a claim to your insurance carrier.

“When should I expect a response to my meVisit?”

meVisits are available from 8AM to 10PM. All meVisit requests are immediately sent to your medical provider. While an individual provider’s response time may vary, our goal is to get back to you within one hour.