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For a family program, the oldest patient will be charged full price. The children and spouses will be charged at half the monthly fee.

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Vanguard Direct Primary Care Program

The Vanguard Direct Primary Care Program is designed for adults, children and families without health insurance. It will provide you with comprehensive primary and preventive care in our office as well as telephonic and secure e-mail access to our physicians and nurse practitioners for one low monthly subscription fee.

Please be aware that this is not health insurance. The only services provided for the monthly fee are services we provide as primary care providers in our office.

We provide the following primary care services:

Annual wellness visitSelected office based surgical care
Unlimited sick visitsGynecological care
Chronic condition management   
ElectrocardiogramOffice based lab work

Deeply discounted Radiology and Laboratory Services

After-hours care, e-Visits, same-day and weekend appointments

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We do not provide maternity or prenatal care, specialist care, sports medicine, behavioral health, imaging such as x-rays, or hospital based services. Vaccines and lab work that is sent to an outside lab is not covered.

DPC subscribers can choose their local office and also handle some matters on the phone or by e-mail through our secure patient portal.


There is no enrollment fee.
You must agree to use our services for 1 year. If you cancel within the first year, there is an early cancellation fee equal to the number of months remaining on the 1 year contract. After that, you will be on a month-to-month contract and there are no cancellation fees if you leave the program after one year. Your credit card will be charged automatically when you first enroll and on the same day of each month thereafter.
If you leave the program and then re-enroll at a later date, you will be required to sign up for a new one-year contract at that time.
Monthly fees are as follows:

- Age    0-17      $39 per month (see below for a family discount)

- Age 18-29      $49 per month

- Age 30-49      $59 per month

- Age 50-64      $69 per month

- Age 65+          $79 per month
Family discounts are available. The oldest parent will be charged full price, and children and spouses will be charged at half the above listed price per month.

This program is available at:

  •  Cranford          • 570 South Avenue East, Building G, Unit A
  •  Montville          • 170 Changebridge Rd., Suite C3
  •  North Haledon  • 535 High Mountain Road
  •  Verona            • 271 Grove Avenue

Coming soon to Lincoln Park,
61 Beaver Brook Road, Suite 301, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035